Thank you so much for your generous time and energy you’ve given us. Sharing your talents and thoughts is a precious gift to us. I will never view the creation of prose and poetry the same again.
— Cynthia "Doc" Williams, St. Charles "Writing for the Health of It" cancer survivor workshop

You have the natural gift of a great teacher, always giving exactly the information we needed at the right moment in our progression as writers. Thank you for offering these workshops.
— Carol Sternkopf, The Story You Came To Tell, Bend, Oregon
Many thanks for all the energy, skill and good humor that you put into the writing workshop. I learned a ton, found some real weaknesses that I need to work on, got some good feedback on what does seem to work with folks, and loved meeting everyone.
— Dr. Dan Murphy, The Story You Came To Tell, Redmond, Oregon
I have taken writing classes before. However, this one is far better than the others. The brainstorming techniques are especially useful. What I needed was a boost of confidence so that I could move forward after several years of medical treatments. I got that and truly appreciate it.
— Doris Brannan, St. Charles Cancer Center Class, Bend, Oregon
Thanks to the motivation your workshop provided, I am 200 pages into my memoir.
— Robert Hall, Todos Santos, BCS, Mexico
Your ability to connect with each person in class is inspiring. This is certainly a gift you possess. Your encouragement and suggestions...have motivated me to become a more complete and accomplished writer.
— Michael Reeves, The Story You Came To Tell, Christmas Valley, Oregon
Thank you for leading the writing workshop at St. Charles. The exercises and prompts did stimulate stories and ideas that I will hopefully explore on my own. The group felt very safe and also very focused on writing and expression.
— Kathy Goodlaw, St. Charles Cancer Center Class, Bend, Oregon
Thank you so much for your good words and analysis of my chapters and other material. All are strengthened through your excellent editing and writing suggestions.
— Elizabeth Cunningham, One-on-One, Joseph, Oregon
Thank you for such a terrific reading and workshop at the Oregon State Poetry Association Spring Conference. I wrote several pieces which I will continue to develop. Each exercise kept me focused and motivated. What a productive workshop.
— Liz Miller, Ashland, Oregon
The opportunity to participate in The Story You Came To Tell series was absolutely the best. The DEFEAT Cancer program has helped me bridge the gap from moving away from our longtime community just a year ago. Ellie gave me such consistent great encouragement I felt as though I’d been sprinkled with fairy dust!
— Lynn Bernard, St. Charles Cancer Center Class, Bend, Oregon

Thank you for the incredible weekend at the GR Ranch Manuscript Lab! I loved working with you and meeting the other writers.
— Pam Stevenson, High Desert Sojourn Manuscript Lab, Bend, Oregon

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