Writing Ranch Roundup - Workshops and Retreats

What is always challenging for me is guarding writing time, giving back to community, doing the teaching I so love, showing up, truly showing up, for family and friends…and that doesn’t even include flossing, sit-ups, ice cream binges and blogs, nor the unanticipated slings and arrows. The intent is there.  The execution lacks grace. 

Workshops and Retreats

Speaking of gracelessness, I apologize to all of you waiting and wondering about this summer’s writing workshop “Keep A Deep Seat and a Loose Rein.” Please do keep a deep seat and a loose rein while waiting to hear the exciting developments for 2016 relative to the Writing Ranch’s high desert three-day writing intensive.  It doesn’t look good for this summer but is an “over and under” for next. Who can tell me what that phrase refers to?

The October 2015 dates for “Writing for the Health of It” held at St. Charles Cancer Center in Bend, Oregon will be announced soon. 

Be sure to register for Women Writing the West conference to be held in Central Oregon October 8-11, 2015 at Eagle Crest, Redmond, Oregon (www.womenwritingthewest.org). I will be offering a poetry workshop in conjunction with the conference on October 8 from 1:30 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. The workshop is titled From Shadow to Dance: Form, Function and Peripheral Vision in Poetry. You can also find this description on the Women Writing the West website: "Poetry is an echo asking a shadow to dance," wrote Carl Sandburg. Come dance with three-time WILLA Literary Award Winner Ellen Waterston as she leads a preconference poetry intensive. Ellen is an internationally recognized poet and author who will explore the elasticity of form and function as well as the importance of peripheral vision in nabbing that telling phrase or detail in writing poetry.

The conference roster is chock-a-block with interesting speakers and craft-oriented workshops.  Agents and publishers are also on hand.  Among the many who make sure these annual conferences are a success is Jane Kirkpatrick of Bend, Oregon.  Thank you, Jane, for all your hard work! (www.jkbooks.com.) Hope to see you there!